Become the personal and professional leader you aspire to be.

I help emerging and evolving leaders at work and in life push their potential, communicate with impact and navigate change with ease.

I’m here to remind you that how things are is not how they have to be. You’ve come to the right place to expand your opportunities and potential.

We'll work together to:

  • Powerfully show up and lead no matter what your current life and career situation is.
  • Build skills to speak with influence and write and present with greater clarity, concision, and confidence.
  • Gain clarity on what’s holding you back from reaching your potential.
  • Discover what’s most important to you and how to make that a larger part of your life.

Hi, I’m Pam.

Certified Coach, Communications & Change Management Consultant, & Avid Adventurer

With 25+ years of experience and graduate degrees in organizational development and leadership and another in journalism, I have the strongest impact with individual contributors and new, emerging, and evolving leaders who are feeling stuck, challenged by change, or want to push their potential.

I’ve coached inspiring professionals from many different industries, including healthcare, electricity, oil and gas, technology, and non-profit.

I leverage deep corporate and consulting experience to help you become the personal and professional leader you aspire to be.


Results Driven Coaching

Wondering how to navigate constantly changing environments and communicate with confidence?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’m here to help you thoughtfully communicate to be seen and heard, lead with purpose, and build skills to navigate difficult circumstances.

Client testimonials

“I came to coaching uncertain and not wholly confident. Working with you, I feel so much better about what I know, how I show up, and how I manage both my personal and professional life. Thank you!”

“Pam has had a major impact on helping me make a successful career transition and really getting to a confident, solid spot.”

“Pam has been instrumental in supporting my growth and development as a leader. She provides encouragement and support. I recommend Pam for anyone who is ready and willing to open up new doors and chart a new course.”

“Pam is wonderful. I look forward to working with her more!”

Let’s uncover what's getting in the way of the personal and professional life you want.

Through impact driven coaching designed for:

A little bit about me

Favourite hobby: When I’m not coaching or consulting, there is a strong chance you’ll find me in my sunny kitchen, perfecting everything from sourdough bread and Icelandic yogurt to dill pickles and macaroons. 

Coaching style: Practical, curious, & supportive.

Proudest accomplishment: In 2016, my husband and I quit our high-level corporate jobs and spent a year travelling around the world.

Recent read: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain